Tech Notes

Leviton Structured Media Center Enclosures

Selecting the proper Xantech IR Kit / Receiver

Intelix HDshak processing explained

Intelix DIP switch settings for HDMI products

T568 A or T568 B - Which One Should You Choose?

Using the Right F-81 Connector

Coaxial Cable Connectors for HDTV

Signal Splitters for Digital Television and HDTV

A Comment about Antenna Towers

Protecting the Customers Floors

Understanding dBmV and the dB

TV Signal Level Meters

Media System Verification with a Signal Level Meter

Protecting CATV Test Equipment

Planning a Residential Media System

Outdoor Television Antennas

Are There HDTV Broadcast Channels Here?

Understanding Antenna Specifications and HDTV

HDTV Antennas in the Attic

Selecting an Antenna Preamplifier for HDTV

Will These Components Work with HDTV

Tracking Digital Television Signals

AntennaWeb - Antenna Mapping Program

A Professional Appearance with a Professional Case

Xantech IR Troubleshooting Guide

Leviton Vizia RF+

Leviton Vizia +

Wiring Strategies for Voice and Data Systems (Leviton)

Managed vs Unmanaged Ethernet Switches


Xantech Digi-5 Digital Music Delivery System

Xantech DL85K LCD/CFL PRoof DinkyLink IR Receiver Kit

Rapid Link Power Installation Video

SecureMount Installation Video

Cat5e Jack T568A Termination Video

Cat5e Jack T568B Termination Video

Leviton 61110 Cat6 Jack T568B Termination Video

Intelix HDBaseT HDMI, Ethernet, IR and RS232 Extender Set

The trick to installing FSNS6U F connectors on RG6 Quad Shield Cable