About Us

As a distributor of telecommunication and data networking products, our goal is to provide only the highest quality of products from the finest manufacturers.

Our commitment to our customers is to provide the best possible solution for their unique needs by offering a wide variety of products and varying degrees of technical support. A special emphasis is given to fiber optic technology as a networking solution with our staff providing both system and component solutions. We do this by being at the forefront of current and future technology and developing strong and long-term relationships with our suppliers, our business partners.

We are an authorized distributor for all of the products we sell. All items are shipped directly from our warehouse or the manufacturer.

All items purchased through us are supported by both tselectronic.com and the manufacturers warranty.


A Few Customer Comments

"Because of your excellent prices, I took a chance by placing and order with you. I'm very glad I did, because the service I received was excellent."

"Greetings. i just wanted to take a moment to thank you all for the excellent service (once again). in these times of less for more, one thing that can stand out is customer service. i find your website easy to navigate, your inventory rarely disappoints me, the (real human) advice helpful and as above, ordering and shipping excellent."

"Thanks, you people have been great to deal with. Thanks again."

"You guys are doing a great job, everything we order is always prompt and correct"

"I ordered some coax cables and connectors to rewire my house. After placing the order, I received a call from Tri-State asking me if I meant to order the connectors I did because they were not compatible with the type of cable I ordered. After telling him I wasn't sure, he informed of the correct ones to purchase and changed my order to reflect it.
I've never had someone call me like that to make sure I was ordering the right thing. I've also never felt compelled to go online to give a review of a site, but I was so impressed and grateful that they did this for me; I wanted to return the favor in some way. So, I give this site a big two thumbs up and will definitely use them again."

"We received the order yesterday. Thank you for expediting this. We appreciate the great service. Have a great day!"