1/2" x 75ft Hook and Loop Tape

Product Description

Velcro® Brand One-Wrap Tape is a versatile and convenient fastening solution that can be used to bundle, organize, and secure a wide variety of items. It consists of a hook and loop design that allows for easy fastening and adjustment without the need for knots or clips.

These unique back-to-back fasteners can be cycled (open and closed) hundreds of times. These strong, reusable fasteners feature hook and loop laminated back to back without glue, so there’s no chemical residue

  • Base Material: Polyethylene hook and nylon loop
  • Average Shear: 23 PSI
  • Average Peel: 0.5 PIW
  • Rated Load: 18 pounds
  • Operating Temp Range: 0-222° F
  • Closure Sheer Strength: Avg. = 23PSI
  • Dimensions:  1/2” x 75’

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HL.50X075BK each: $17.99