400A2 Wall Mount Fiber Optic Enclosure

Product Description

This space-saving enclosure provides easy access splices and terminations, its modular deign provides flexibility for future growth. The 400A allows for top and bottom cable entry, its slide-out connector panel permits easy access to adapters. The 400A2 accepts  up to 8 LGX style adapter panels with plenty of additional space for splcing and cable management. The 400A2 has two separate side-by-side sections, each side has its own locking door.

  • LGX118 compatible
  • Accomodates up to 8 LGX adapter plates or modules
  • Designed for new and existing interconnect, cross-connect and co-location environments
  • 7 knockouts and 4 grommets on top and bottom of enclosure.
  • Dual doors with separate locks for flexibility and security
  • Dimensions: 11.0" H x 17.0" W x 6" D

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Part # Price Qty
400A2 each: 125.00