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Shop - ADC 9950 Access Control Cable CMR 1000ft

ADC 9950 Access Control Cable CMR 1000ft

ADC 9950 Access Control Cable CMR 1000ft

ADC 9950 EZ Access Control Cable™ has been designed for easy installation on a single pull and to meet the requirements of the most demanding Building Access & Control Systems. This composite cable includes four components required for card readers, door contacts, locking power and retinal scanners in commercial buildings, distribution centers, manufacturing facilities, government buildings and educational campuses.

EZ Access™ cables feature 4 multi-conductor cables under one jacket.  EZ Access™ cables also include an easy-to-read print legend and color stripe to allow for quick identification of each cable’s application. EZ Access Cables are manufactured to meet current NEC guidelines and are verified by outside standards organizations including c(UL)us and c(ETL)us. 

Card Readers
Door Contacts
Locking Power
Retina Scanners

  • Component 1 - 4 cond 18ga Unshielded
  • Component 2 - 3 pair 22ga Shielded
  • Component 3 - 2 cond 22ga Unshielded
  • Component 4  - 4 cond 22ga Unshielded
  • All component cables are Stranded bare copper conductors wirth PVC Insulation
  • Green PVC jacket
  • Overall Diameter: .48"
  • Voltage Rating: 300V
  • Temp Rating 75C
  • NEC 800 Type CMR

EZ Access Control Cable Spec Sheet

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