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Liberty DL-AR Universal HDMI Adapter Ring

Liberty DL-AR Universal HDMI Adapter Ring

The DL-AR Digital Adapter Keychain is designed to support the rising proliferation of mobile devices used in presentation systems. The DL-AR provides easy access to the appropriate adapter for connection to the HDMI® infrastructure. This simple and effective ring of adapters permits the owner of the infrastructure to support mobile device content and keep the adapters secure and in place for the next presenter.

The full DL-AR unit includes the following adapters in the basic format:

  • DisplayPort male to HDMI female,
  • Mini-DisplayPort male to HDMI female,
  • Mini-HDMI “C” male to HDMI female,
  • Micro- HDMI “D” to HDMI female, and
  • DVI-D Single Link male to HDMI female.

The adapters are molded with an eyelet that attach to an aircraft-grade steel cable, which can then be clamped on to cables up to 11mm in diameter. Two sets of foam rubber inserts for differing cable sizes are included. The clamp cannot be opened or installed without a Torx® T10 Pin driver. Inside the clamp is a second security feature, a steel ring with a 1.5mm hex set screw that locks the ends of the cables together. The unit is shipped with four Torx® Pin screws and nuts. 

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DL-AREach: $98.00