RapidRun Multi-Format Runners - CMG Rated

Product Description

The RapidRun Multi-Format Runner is designed for installation where cabling is required to be installed in conduit either due to project design or code requirements. The detachable pigtail connector or wall plate allows the "base cable" to be pulled though a 3/4" conduit and then easily terminated after installation.

RapidRun® Multi-Format Cable System features individually shielded pairs and an isolated ground for audio lines, this runner cable meets the rigorous demand for applications in which multiple audio/video devices are run over a single cable. Break-away flying leads ensure flexible, efficient, high quality connections for all types of equipment, with no field terminations

The CMG-rated Multi-Format runner is suitable for for in-wall installations that require high-density, multi-format applications. Whether hanging a projector in a modern 21st century classroom or installing a commercial digital signage system, a clean, crisp signal will be delivered every time.

  • CMG-rated for in-wall installations
  • Optimized for VGA
  • Unique protective pulling cap withstands 30 pounds of tension, allowing cable to pull easily through walls or 3/4” conduit  .. even 90° field bends
  • Cable Construction: 3-28 AWG coaxial cables with braided copper shielding, 3-24 AWG Twisted pairs plus a single 24 AWG pair and an overall Aluminum Foil / Braided Copper shield
  • RapidRun 15-pin Female to RapidRun 15-pin Female
  • For use with Multi-Format (Orange) wall plates and Break-away flying leads (pigtails)

A complete RapidRun Multi-Format runner solution requires a break-away flying lead or wall plate to terminate each end of the runner cable. 

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Part # Description Price Qty
60001 10ft Multi-Format (orange) Base Cable each: 36.90
60002 15ft Multi-Format (orange) Base Cable each: 38.25
60003 25ft Multi-Format (orange) Base Cable each: 40.95
60004 35ft Multi-Format (orange) Base Cable each: 54.45
60005 50ft Multi-Format (orange) Base Cable each: 63.65
60006 75ft Multi-Format (orange) Base Cable each: 83.77
60007 100ft Multi-Format (orange) Base Cable each: 103.00