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Shop - TRULINK 40 Watt Audio Amplifier(Plenum Rated)

TRULINK 40 Watt Audio Amplifier(Plenum Rated)

TRULINK 40 Watt Audio Amplifier(Plenum Rated)

The 40100 Audio Amplifier is designed for classroom or baordroom applications.  With maximum sound amplification the system ensures consistent levels of audio throughout the room whether from the instructor/speaker, video or other multimedia source. Connects easily to A/V equipment such as projectors, microphones, laptops or DVD players. The Trulink Audio Amplifier is powerful enough to overcome background noise, poor room acoustics and even mild hearing loss in students.

  • Powerful - features 40 watts of power for maximum sound dispersion
  • Energy efficient - shuts down automatically when not in use and turns itself back on in an instant
  • Safe – TUV Listed to UL 60065, meets all FCC and Plenum requirements in addition to over voltage, temperature and short circuit protection features
  • Flexible - two audio inputs with separate volume controls enable the volume to be tuned to the specific classroom environment
  • Compact and easy to install - weighing just one pound, the plenum rated unit can be easily mounted out of sight in ceilings or in other equipment - eliminating the risk of theft or damage


Class - Class D
Total Output Power - 40W
Output Power (THD 1%) - 13W per channel
THD+N (at 10W power output) - 0.3% per channel
Efficiency - >90%
Frequency Response - 150Hz to 20KHz
Signal to Noise Ratio - >85dB
Input Impedance (unbalanced) - ~10 Kohms
Auto Shutdown - Shuts down 5 minutes after no input signal detected
Max Operating Current - ~2000 mA
Current Draw In Shutdown Mode - 30 mA
Power Supply - 24V DC, 2.0A

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