AFL PM-L-12-USC-0-S-01 12 Fiber SC/UPC Singlemode Poli-MOD Patch and Splice Module

Product Description

AFL's PM-L-12-USC-0-S-01 12 Fiber SC/APC Singlemode Poli-MOD Patch and Splice Module is an innovative patch and splice module, which offers an inventive and effective means to accommodate 12 singlemode fiber interconnections in an industry-standard, single-slot LGX®118 footprint. The Poli-MOD offers a unique and robust way to secure cable without the need for time-wasting, tie-wrap alternatives. Additionally, the module leverages a creative snap-in splice sleeve cradle to securely manage both single and ribbon fiber arrangements. These features provide the capacity to outfit a standard 4RU rack-mount panel with up to 144-fiber interconnections.

  • LGX 118 compatible (single-slot module)
  • Effective and time-saving cable mounting mechanism (no tie-wraps necessary)
  • Inventive splice sleeve cradle
  • Organized fiber routing
  • Fixed solution, no moving parts
  • Multi-directional cable entry access
  • Includes Poli-MOD splice module, loaded adapter panel, pigtails, splice holder and splice protection sleeves.

Connector Type: SC/UPC
Fiber Count: 12
Fiber Type:Singlemode G.657.A1 BIF 
Fiber Arrangement: Single

Poli-MOD Patch and Splice Module Spec Sheet

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PM-L-12-USC-0-S-01 12 fiber, SC/UPC, Singlemode G.657.A1 BIF each: $178.85