Brother PT-E500 Industrial Printer

Product Description

Brother's PT-E500 produces durable, laminated labels up to 24mm wide. It combines powerful technology with advanced features and intuitive operation that help make the labeling job faster, simpler and more efficient. With the PT-E500 practically anyone can create and print the labels they need in seconds, simply by using its clearly marked buttons, built-in preformatted templates, and by following its onscreen prompts. They can populate those labels with data from downloaded databases to minimize keystrokes, or enter the data manually using the comfortable QWERTY keyboard.

  • Large backlit LCD display provides view of label design settings, including application icons and allows you to preview and edit label markings prior to printing.
  • QWERTY keyboard
  • Automatic smart font-sizing technology enables printing of clearly formed, readable characters on durable laminated labels up to 24mm wide.
  • Built-in automatic cutter can be set to cut labels to specified lengths, whether they are for labeling faceplates, patch panels, punch blocks or general cable runs.
  • PC connectivity and built-in software allow you to download and store data from common databases, as well as custom or pre-formatted label templates, which can be saved and downloaded in the office to generate labels with text, symbols and barcodes in the field. This can save time on the job and help to minimize human error.
  • Faster label printing speeds, coupled with automated label cutting, speeds up onsite workflow and increases installation efficiency and productivity.
  • Durable laminated labels encapsulate the print between two protective layers to ensure long-term integrity and readability. P-touch EDGE industrial thermal printers use UL-recognized labels, and the PT-E500 is compatible with HGe and TZe tapes that offer adhesive and color choices for virtually any labeling application.
  • Advanced Alpha and Numeric Serializing allows installers to quickly pre-print labels for a project by automatically incrementing a number and/or letter individually or simultaneously

PT-E500 Printer
Hard Shell Carry Case
Wrist Strap
Label design and printing software (CD)
Mini-USB cable 3ft
TZE-FX231 Flexible tape
Li-ion battery
AC adapter

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