Comtran 36316 VITALink® 2 Hour Fire Resistive CIC/CI 14/2 Shielded 1000 feet

Product Description

Comtran VITALink® 36316 14 AWG, 2 Conductor Shielded 2-Hour Fire Rated VITALink® Cable is designed to support Life and Fire Safety. This cable offers “survivability” for 2-Hours in harsh environments while being fully operational to allow for safe evacuation of building occupants. It has achieved FPLR-CI-LS, CMR-CI-LS, & PLTC-CI-LS rating and has been certified under the current UL 2196 guidelines for 2-hour fire resistive cables for use in system FHIT.40A and FHITC.40A

Classified as both CI/CIC – the same cable can be used with or without conduit, the most versatile circuit integrity cable on the market

Conductors: 14 AWG Solid Copper specially engineered to minimize embrittlement due to fire exposure
Tape: Flame Retardant Tape
Color coded conductors: Black and Red
Shield: Copper/Polyester Tape applied over core
Drain Wire: 18 AWG Stranded Bare Copper
Insulation: Low Smoke, Zero Halogen Thermoset Fire-Roc™
Jacket: Red Low Smoke, Zero Halogen Polyolefin (sequential footage marker provided every 2 feet)


  • VITALink® Brand Type cables for use in System No. FHIT.40 when installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s installation instructions
  • NEC Type FPLR-CI-LS, CMR-CI-LS, and PLTC-CI-LS for use in Electrical Circuit Integrity System FHIT 40A
  • c(UL) Listed CMR-LS
  • CEC and CSA listed FAS 90 to C22.2 No. 208-14
  • UL Certified to ANSI / UL 2196 2-Hour fire rating for use in FHIT system 40A. (See UL Fire Resistance Directory R27557)
  • CAN / ULC-S139 Certified with Hose Stream Test for use in FHITC system 40A
  • UL 1424 Listed FPLR-CI-LS for Power-Limited Fire Alarm Cables; 300V / 105°C
  • UL 13 Listed PLTC-CI-LS for Power-Limited Circuit Cables; 300V / 105°C
  • UL 444 Listed CMR-CI-LS for Communication Cable; 300V / 105°C
  • Fire certified for power-limited system use at 72V phase-to-phase utilization voltage
  • Sunlight Resistant
  • For use in wet locations
  • NYC Electrical Advisory Board approval # 54502, April 2017
  • California State Fire Marshal Approved

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