Leviton QuickPort Duplex Type-106 Inserts

Product Description

Leviton QuickPort Duplex Type-106 Inserts accept all QuickPort snap-in modules. For use in applications where a flush-mount electrical-wallplate look is desired, or where there will be multiple devices—or a combination of electrical and voice/data devices—under a multi-gang wallplate.

  • Fits within minimum NEMA opening
  • Compatible with all individual QuickPort modules
  • Brass-threaded insert for wallplate screw facilitates installation
  • Narrow module width allows high port density in a small area
  • The Quad 106 features a built-in termination station which stabilizes connectors during punchdown

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Part # Description Price Qty
41087-2EP 2 Port, Color Black each: $1.91
41087-2GP 2 Port, Color Gray each: $1.91
41087-2IP 2 Port, Color Ivory each: $1.91
41087-2TP 2 Port, Color Light Almond each: $1.91
41087-2WP 2 Port, Color White each: $1.91
41087-QEP Quad (4 port), Color Black each: $2.34
41087-QGP Quad (4 port), Color Gray each: $2.34
41087-QIP Quad (4 port), Color Ivory each: $2.34
41087-QTP Quad (4 port), Color Light Almond each: $2.34
41087-QWP Quad (4 port), Color White each: $2.34