Quam QC101M/RP2 Rack Mount Dual 25/70V Audio Attenuator Panel

Product Description

The QC101M/RP2 is a 19", 2RU rack panel with two continuous rotary, ten-step, 100W, audio level attenuators. Connection is a 4-pin terminal block. Each device attenuates audio power to any number of loudspeakers in a 25V or 70V distributed audio system, up to 100W load. A ten position index label is mounted on the rack panel . A label holder with clear plastic insert is also mounted below each attenuator. Black powder coat finish. Knob is black with white indicator mark.

  • 100 Watts continous
  • Positions 9-1: -1.5 dB each
  • Position 0: Off

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QC101M/RP2 each: $67.50