HDMI Cables and RedMere Technology

RedMere is a new active technology that uses a chipset imbedded in the connector of an HDMI cable featuring RedMere. HDMI Cables powered by RedMere technology are significantly smaller in diameter (up to 70% smaller depending on the cable length) than standard HDMI cables. The reduced diameter allows for easier routing of cables and less strain on the input and output jacks of your sources and displays. Redmere technology allows 1080p video to be sent much farther distances than previously available with standard HDMI cables, and in many cases will be much better option to HDMI extenders that often had to be used at distances as short as 25ft. HDMI cables using RedMere technology are directional so additional care must be taken during installation to be sure the electronics side of the cable is connected to the display side.

High Speed HDMI Cables with RedMere