12 Fiber Fusion Splice Tray

Product Description

The FST-12P fusion splice tray features a unique external fiber pathway and pivoting splice holder arrangement  This plastic fusion splice tray redefines the concept of splice management, combining fiber management and splicing control in one product. The FST-12P splice tray is able to comfortably hold 12 splices with up to 900μm buffered fibers.

  • Spacious interior maintains 30mm fiber bend radius and allows storage of either 250μm or 900μm buffered fiber
  • Internal management allows multiple fiber routing options including cross over
  • Pivoting splice holders allow uninterrupted control of fiber prior to splicing and during rework
  • Built in fiber pick can be used to withdraw individual fibers and can be stored in the tray after use
  • Supplied with tray hinge to maintain access to splices with stacked trays
  • Transparent clip in lid supplied with every tray
  • Cable tie points to secure fiber on entry and exit
  • Mountable via central hole, DIN style holes or double sided foam adhesive pad
  • 168mm W x 124mm D x 13mm H


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FST12 each: $17.00