2 Fiber Singlemode OS2 Singlemode Tight Buffer Indoor/Outdoor Plenum Fiber Optic Cable

Product Description

2 Fiber OS2 Singlemode Indoor/Outdoor Plenum Rated Cable is composed of colored tight buffered optical fibers, water blocking aramid yarn, and a UV resistant black PVC outer jacket. All component materials meet the EU RoHS and REACH Directive standards. For indoor applications the cable is OFNP (plenum) listed. Made in the USA

Fiber: 9um Singlemode - Corning SMF28 Ultra
Fiber Count: 2
Wavelength: 1310nm/1550nm
Max Attenuation: .5/.4 dB/Km
10Gb Min Link Length: 10K meters
Environment: Indoor/Outdoor
Cable Type: Premise Cable/Distribution
Flame Rating: Plenum OFNP
Jacket Color: Black
Nominal Diameter:  4.4mm
Minimum Bend Radius: Installation - 6.6cm, Long Term 4.4cm
Operating Temperature: -40C to +70C

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TSE-0029-IOP 2 Strand Singlemode Indoor/Outdoor / price per foot each: $0.30