3M Reenterable Fire Barrier Quick Pass-Through Device

Product Description

3M Fire Barrier Quick Pass-Through Device is a one piece hinged metal enclosure for preventing the spread of fire and smoke where electrical, data, comunications cable or pipes penetrate floor or wall. The device is designed for the high traffic areas where cable are constantly being added and removed. The metal device has a fixed firestopping intumescent material which works in conjunction with foam smoke seals and an optional mounting bracket. It has been contractor-designed to allow for use in either retrofit or new construction applications where an “install and be done” technology is needed.  The 3M Fire Barrier Pass-Through Device achieved up to 3 hour fire ratings

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Part # Description Price Qty
QP2.5SD 2.5" x 2.5" x 10" Pass Through Device each: $52.17
QP2.5SMB Mounting bracket for QP2.5SD each: $14.95