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HellermanTyton Hook and Loop Grip Ties

HellermanTyton Hook and Loop Grip Ties

Hellerman Tyton Hook and Loop style Grip Ties are a low profile fastening device, constructed of polyethylene hook and nylon loop. Grip Ties can be opened and closed numerous times for repetitive access to cable and wire without failure. Grip Ties will not cause damage to Category 5e and Category 6 cable or fiber optic cable since it cannot be over-cinched. The Grip Tie is reusable, adjustable, releasable and easy to install. Its design provides ease of installation in tight areas such as telecommunications closets and will not get caught on other cables.  Available in 15ft rolls.

  • Constructed of polyethylene hook and nylon loop
  • Reusable, adjustable and releasable
  • Will not cause damage to Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6A or fiber optic cables.
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Part NumberColorSizePrice
GT.75X1800Black.75" X 15FTEach: $8.04
GT.75X1804Yellow.75" X 15FTEach: $8.04
GT.75X1805Green.75" X 15FTEach: $8.04
GT.75X1806Blue.75" X 15FTEach: $8.04
GT.75X1808Grey.75" X 15FTEach: $8.04
GT.75X18010White.75" X 15FTEach: $8.04
GT.75X180MV2Maroon.75" X 15FTEach: $8.04
GT.75X9000Black.75" X 75FTEach: $38.00
GT.75X9006Blue.75" X 75FTEach: $34.00