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Leviton 24" Fiber Optic Fan-Out Kit

Leviton 24

Leviton's fiber optic fan-out kit protects bare fiber and prepares loose-tube cable for direct termination. These simple 6 or 12 fiber kits separate 250 µm fibers and route them into colorcoded 900 µm buffer tubes. Kits can be used with any manufacturer’s loose-tube cabling, and any industry-standard connectors. No proprietary tools are required.

  • Six or twelve fiber capacity
  • Separates and routes fibers into the Fiber Assembly Unit’s buffer tubes, allowing for easy termination
  • 24"  length Snap-together Top Cover and Base
  • Fiber Assembly Unit seats securely into a cavity in the body and top cover when cables are routed
  • Top Cover and Base: ABS plastic   /  Tubing: 900um Hytrel Furcation Tubing
  • Tubing colors are blue, orange, green, brown, slate, white, red, black, yellow, violet, rose, and aqua.
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Part NumberDescriptionPrice
49887-6S6 FiberEach: $16.79
49887-12S12 FiberEach: $18.56