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Mag Daddy Magnetic Wire Holders

Mag Daddy Magnetic Wire Holders

MagDaddy Magnetic Wire Holders combine a rare-earth magnet with a flexible plastic clip.  The Magnetic Wire Holder offers a unique solution to a variety of problems with wire and cable management across multiple industries. The innovative design allows this product to be used over a number of different fields including automotive, fiber optics, aeronautics, nautical, AV, and many more.

The product is designed to minimize any magnetic interference to the cables being secured. A "magnetic flux retaining cup" redirects the toward the metal mounting surface, increasing the retention force on the mounting side, leaving the wire and cable harmless of any magnetic flux interference.



  • N35 Grade Neodymium 
  • Min. 16lb Retention 
  • NiCuNi Coating 
  • Temperature Tolerance 40°C – 90°C 


  • Steel Cup with Zinc plated coat


  • Material- Acetal 
  • Ultrasonic Weld to Magnet 
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624091/2"50Each: $104.50
624193/4"50Each: $107.00