Nitek ER8500C IP video over Coax multi-port Network Extender

Product Description

The Etherstretch Pro ER8500C is another IP Video Transmission Solution from NITEK that allows for the utilization of existing coaxial infrastructure to both transmit both IP and  power over the coax.

The ER8500C Receiver along with up to 8 ET1543C Transmitters comprise a system which can transmit IP devices over coax and can quickly turn any ordinary RG59U coaxial cable into a high speed network communication and PoE path. When operating over RG59U coaxial cable, the coax network extender system can operate for distances of up to 1640 feet. The ER8500C Coax Ethernet Extender Receiver along with the ET1543C Transmitters require very little installation time and absolutely no set up or configuration. The System is transparent to the network and has no IP or MAC addressing. Simply connect network devices to the network ports of the Transmitter and Receiver along with existing cabling and the system begins communicating. LED indicators show the status of network communication and PoE power.

An internal power supply in the ER8500C Receiver provides PoE to the system. The Etherstretch Pro™ Coax Network Extender system extends network communications to overcome cable distance limitations offering connections to devices in locations traditional networking does not allow.

  • Transmits IP data & PoE up to distances of 1640 feet (500 meters)
  • Rack mounted multi-channel Etherstretch solution
  • Includes a built-in power source for all connected devices
  • Gigabit output network connectivity
  • Supports 10/100 and PoE over coax cable
  • Supports mega-pixel technology
  • SFP ports support Fiber interfacing
  • NEXTT provides remote monitoring
  • Easy to install, no set up required
  • LED indicators for network signals, link status and power
  • Short circuit, over current and over voltage protection
  • Supports IEEE802.3af / 15.4 watts and IEEE802.3at / 25.5 watts

Made in the USA

ER8500C Data Sheet

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