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T1 Cables

T1 Cables

These T1 cables are designed for a multitude of telecommunications uses, including T-1, T-3, HI-CAP, Primary rate ISDN, DSL, HDSL, ADSL, SDSL, VDSL and Central Office Interconnects. 

  • Cat 5 type electrical characteristics that provide the widest signal bandwidth and future application upgrade potential.
  • 24 gauge tinned copper conductors
  • Excellent impedance stability across transmission frequency spectrum.
  • Complete send and receive signal isolation
  • Full safety compliance
  • The shields of the send and receive groups are color coded, making for faster, easier, more accurate termination and eliminating the need to continuity test.
  • Cables are sequentially marked for footage. This coupled with the send and receive groups under one jacket eliminates the need for cutting and paralleling prior to installation. This feature also eliminates mismatched lengths and other waste generating mistakes. Ripcords under jackets provide termination ease and accuracy.
Characteristic Impedance 100 +/-4 Ohms @ 772 kHz
Attenuation 6.7 db/1000 Ft @ 772 kHz
Near End Crosstalk 85 db @ 1.544 MHz90 db @ 772 kHz
Insertion Loss <10 db/1000 @ 1.544 MHz< 7 db @ 772 kHz
Capacitance 15 Picofarads/Foot Max
DC Resistance < 28.6 Ohms/1000 Ft
T-1 Distance 480 Ft
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Part NumberPair CountJacketLengthPrice
2402T12 pairPVC / CL2R1000ftEach: $196.25
2404T12 x 2 pairPVC / CL2R1000ftEach: $430.00

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