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Shop - Xantech D5RHK DDS 4 Source, 4 Zone Music Distribution System

Xantech D5RHK DDS 4 Source, 4 Zone Music Distribution System

Xantech D5RHK DDS 4 Source, 4 Zone Music Distribution System
The Xantech D5RHK 4 Source, 4 Zone Digital Audio Distribution Hub with DIGI-5 Technology provides the ability to listen to 4 different audio sources in up to 28 separate zones, just select a source from one of Xantech's premium in-wall keypads, sit back and enjoy!

End-to-end digital architecture means that the entire signal path of the audio system remains in the digital domain from start to finish. This means that noise, signal loss and other unwanted effects are never present. Each keypad contains a 30 Watt per channel digital amplifier that allows the user to play music at loud volume when desired. 

The Xantech D5RHK connects using CAT-5 and speaker wire, making the unit very reliable and easy to install. Any digital or analog audio source can be connected directly to the D5RHK's Digital Audio Distribution Hub. D5KP Amplified Keypads are connected to the D5RHK's hub using CAT-5 wiring, while speakers are connected to the D5KP Amplified Keypad using traditional speaker wire. This eliminates the need for multiple long runs of speaker wire streamlining the wiring process and slashing wiring costs.

The D5RHK's Whole House Music and Zone Grouping features make entertaining more fun than ever. Fully customized audio options allow for control of the entire house from one location and also allow for the creation of multiple-zone linking where groups of zones work together in party mode.

The Source Lock Out feature allows you to disable specific sources in the kid's rooms that you don't want them to access.


About DIGI-5 Technology
DIGI-5 is a revolutionary technology standard that provides a complete end-to-end digital audio solution over CAT-5 wiring. DIGI-5 is based on advanced digital distribution and amplification circuits that allow multi-room audio systems to be installed quickly and cost effectively.


  • Digital Delivery System (DDS)
  • 4 Source, 4 Zone Capacity
  • 4 Optical / Coaxial Digital Source inputs - Input 3 and 4 are also switchable to accept analog audio 
  • 30 Watts per channel Digital Amp built into each Keypad
  • Keypad features a built-in IR Receiver that is used to control the sources connected to the D5RH using hand-held remotes.
  • Super Bright OLED Display
  • Expandable up to 28 Zones with Optional D5XH 6 Zone Digital Audio Distribution Expansion Hub
  • End-to-End Digital Architecture for Crystal Clear Sound with No Signal Loss
  • Simple CAT-5 Wiring requirements
  • Innovative D5KP Amplified Keypad (includes 4)
  • Provide Custom Control Options
  • No PC Software Required For Setup - Simply plug in the D5KP and go
  • D5MR - Mini Remote (included) for remote operation
  • Whole House Music - Turns On All Zones to Same Source
  • Zone Functions - Do Not Disturb, Source Lock Out, Tone Control,
  • Balance, Loudness, Dynamic Range Compression (DRC)
  • Local (In-Room) Source Connectivity with Optional D5IP Source Input Wall Plates
  • Compact Single Rack Space Design
  • Rack Mountable - Optional Rack Ear Kit Available (RM1UKIT)
  • 120V 50/60Hz Power Supply: 240W max.
  • Hub Dimensions: 17"W x 14.25"D x 2.41"H


Kit includes:

1 - 4 zone, 4 source Hub
4 - D5KP Amplified Keypads
4 - D5MR Mini Remote Control
4 - IR emitters


Discontinued by the manufacturer 2014