AFL 12 Fiber Singlemode Armored Tight Buffer Indoor/Outdoor Plenum Fiber Optic Cable KQ0129611801-AIAP

Product Description

AFL's KQ0129611801-AIAP 12 fiber Singlemode Armored Indoor/Outdoor Tight Buffered Fiber cable is designed to provide added protect to cabling between buildings where interbuilding lengths are short enough that the installer can recognize savings from the lower costs of terminating tight buffered cables.  

For indoor applications the cable is OFNP listed.  For outdoor applications the cable is manufactured with an outer jacket that incorporates a UV stabilizer for protection against exposure to the sun plus an anti-fungus protection for use in underground applications.

  • With a plenum rating, this cable can be used in all environments: plenum, riser, general inside plant and outside plant
  • Cables are water blocked and meet water penetration requirements of GR-20-CORE (this helps ensure that any damage to cable is restricted to a repairable length of several meters and minimizes the likelihood of having to replace the entire cable)
  • Outer jacket is moisture-resistant, fungus-resistant and UV resistant for outdoor use
  • Tested to meet or exceed EIA/TIA 568-A/GR-409-CORE and ICEA-S-104-696

Fiber: 8.3um Singlemode Tight Buffer
Fiber Count: 12
Wavelength: 1300nm/1550nm
Max Attenuation: .5/.5 dB/Km
10Gb Min Link Length: 10,000 meters
Environment: Indoor/Outdoor
Cable Type: Premise Cable/Distribution
Flame Rating: Plenum OFNP
Jacket Color: Black
Nominal Diameter: .56"
Minimum Bend Radius: Installation - 8.4", Long Term 9.5"
Operating Temperature: -40C to +70C

AFL 12 fiber Singlemode Armored Indoor/Outdoor Tight Buffered Fiber Spec Sheet

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