AFL FAST-SC-SMAU FASTConnect Field-Installable Single-Mode SC/APC Fiber Optic Connector

Product Description

AFL's FAST-SC-SMAU FASTConnect Single-mode SC/APC Angle Polish fiber optic connector is a factory pre-polished, field-installable fiber connector that completely eliminates the need for hand polishing in the field. Proven mechanical splice technology ensures precision fiber alignment, a factory pre-cleaved fiber stub and a proprietary index-matching gel combine to offer an immediate, low loss termination to single-mode optical fiber.

Connector is color coded per industry-standard requirements to aide in identification during and after installation. A factory-installed wedge clip (included with each connector) is removed and discarded upon completion of the termination.

Incorporated into this connector is an innovative, translucent wedge enabling the use of a common VFI to provide a "pass/fail" signal once physical contact is achieved. 

  • Sinlge-mode  APC
  • Color: Green
  • No Epoxy, No Polish
  • Low Insertion Loss
  • Fiber Can Be Reinserted up to Three Times
  • Cable Size: 900 μm
  • Order 2mm or 3mm boots seperately
  • Required cleave length: 10.5mm

6 per pack


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Part # Description Price Qty
FAST-SC-SMAU SC/APC connector each: $12.19
11.70+ : 6
10.96+ : 100