AFL VFI2-01-0900PR Fiber Optic Visual Fault Identifier

Product Description

A Visible Fault Indicator (VFI) aka Visible Fault Locator (VFL) is an essential tool for fiber technicians.

AFL's VFI2 visible red laser source is designed to troubleshoot faults on fiber optic cables. Light generated by these units will escape from sharp bends and breaks in jacketed or bare fibers, as well as poorly mated connectors. They can quickly identify faults in fiber optic jumper cables, distribution frames, patch panels, and splice trays.

The VFI2 is an excellent complement to any OTDR because it can locate faults inside the OTDR’s dead-zone. Other applications include end-to-end continuity checks, identifying connectors in patch panels and fibres during splicing operations. The universal connector interface provides fast operation with many connector styles without changing an adapter.

Trace cables in crowded or un-documented setups. A VFI2 provides a quick means of finding the “other end” from amongst cluttered cables. Simply connect the VFI2 to one end and look for the visual red light transmitted out the opposite connector.  

  • Identify sharp bends or breaks in fibres
  • Identify fibre faults inside OTDR deadzone
  • Identify poorly mated connectors
  • Verify AFL FAST™ Connector Installation
  • Visible red laser source, 650 nm 
  • High power, 1 mW into 9/125 single-mode fibre
  • Universal connector interface for quick connection
  • 2.5 mm Universal adapter for FC, SC, ST, etc.
  • 1.25 mm Universal adapter for LC

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