INNO V7+ Precision Optical Fiber Cleaver

Product Description

INNO's V7+ precision optical fiber cleaver cuts optical fiber very precisely. The V7+ features an auto trash bin that automatically dispposes of optical fiber scrap and its cutting blades provide more than 48,000 cuts with easy blade position selection. 

  • High precision cleaving for single 250/900um fiber.
  • Automatic collector for fiber shards.
  • 2 step operation to complete the cleaving and collection of waste fiber shards automatically.
  • Convenient and quick to operate. Either hand-held or on table/worktop surfaces.
  • Very easy fiber setting and placing, no need for blade height adjustment, therefore improving work efficiency and low maintenance cost.
  • Smart design of pressure pads preventing the fiber from damage by the return of the blade carriage.
  • Each point of the blade can be used over 3000 times, each blade has 16 cutting points, providing over 48,000 cleaves.
  • Made from magnesium alloy materials, providing high strength and stability.
  • Small, compact size and light weight.

Technical Specifications
Dimension : 101mm W x 82mm D x 62mm H
Weight : 387g
Type : Single fiber
Fiber diameter : 125um
Length : 8~20mm(Single fiber)
Cleaver angle : 0.5 Degrees with single fiber
Life of blade : Total 48,000 cleaves (1,000 fiber for 1 step * total 16 steps * 3 heights)
Operation steps : 2 Steps
Holder : Single : Universal holder 
Applicable fiber : Single fiber: 250μm, 900μm

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Part # Price Qty
V7+ each: 545.00