Primex Verge P3000KND 30" Media Distribution Enclosure and Narrow, Deep Hinged Cover

Product Description

Primex Verge P3000KND 30" Media Distribution Enclosure with Narrow, Deep Hinged Lid and Frame provides a convenient and centralized location for easy installation and distribution of multi-play services within residential and commercial premises. The P3000KND provides 1" of extra depth to accomodate larger modem/router units, the narrow lid reduces the frame width by 1". The P3000's ABS plastic enclosure allows WiFi signals to pass through, so wireless equipment can be inside enclosure.

  • Large internal space for installation of active, passive, and cable management components.
  • Adds 1” of depth; reduces by 1” width to allow for larger components, side by side mounting and corner installation.
  • Provides 15X more wireless passthrough strength than metal alternatives, so wireless equipment can be neatly placed inside enclosure.
  • Multiple entry/exit knockouts on the sides, top, and bottom for complete adaptability.
  • Secure access via optional key lock on lid.
  • ABS Flame Retardant Polymer
  • Assure safety and durability with UL safety standard compliance,  UL Listed 2416
  • Includes enclosure and hinged door
  • Inside Dimensions: 30" H x 14" W x 5" D / Outside: 31.9"H  x 16" W x 5.7" D
  • Primex model 125-1743

P3000KND Spec Sheet

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