STI SpecSeal Ready Sleeve Firetsop Pathway Kits

Product Description

SpecSeal READY®SLEEVE Pathways are a complete UL Classified out-of-the-box solution for new cable penetrations through walls. Each sleeve kit contains a precut metallic sleeve, mounting escutcheons, intumescent escutcheon gaskets, wall warning labels, and the amount of putty required to seal both ends.

SpecSeal READY®SLEEVE Pathway kits are simple in design and installation. All sizes of the Sleeve Pathways include a unique press-fit end cap design to eliminate potential sharp edges and do away with the need for conduit bushings.

SpecSeal READY®SLEEVE Pathways are sized to the same O.D. as standard EMT and will accept EMT accessories such as grounding bushings. Additionally, SpecSeal READY®SLEEVE Pathways provide an easy method for compliance with the sleeve attachment requirements of the 2009 IBC Section 713.2 without the need for struts or other bracing.

  • Ready to Install  – No cutting required, no waste!
  • Suitable for use in all common constructions including concrete floors, concrete walls, concrete block walls, and gypsum board/stud wall assemblies up to 10" thick.
  • No External Firestop Seal Required  – Factory supplied intumescent firestop gasket.
  • Firestop Putty Provided with Kit  – Sufficient to seal ends to 1” (25 mm) depth.
  • 4 hour / 3 hour in concrete floor
  • UL Classified and Code Compliant
  • For Rated and Non-Rated Barriers  – Putty seal impedes the passage of fire, smoke, superheated gases, particulate dust, and minimizes noise transmission.

Spec Seal Ready Sleeve Specifiaction Sheet

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Part # Description Price Qty
FS100 1" Ready Sleeve each: $37.10
FS200 2" Ready Sleeve each: $48.97
FS400 4" Ready Sleeve each: $101.50