Leviton Structured Media Centers

Leviton’s Essential Infrastructure platform offers the following three SMCs for a carrying ability of many different distribution modules.
1. SMC 280 (28" Panel)
2. SMC 420 (42" Panel)
3. SMC 140 (14" Panel)
It is important to size the SMC accurately to your job specifications. Several factors will influence the complexity of your structured cabling installations including:
• The size of the dwelling
• The requirements of your customer
• Your job budget
Take Note: The SMC platform is a consolidation panel for low voltage wiring. All your points of origination are neatly and safely contained in one protected box.
Leviton makes your work easier by offering Pre-Configured Structured Cabling Panels that are assembled from the most popular distribution modules. These are your system’s basic building blocks. The panels and modules can be combined easily to meet any job’s specifications.
These panels include combinations of the following modules:

Each metal SMC comes with pre-drilled holes spaced to accept the snap-in plastic connectors mounted on Leviton’s modules and Pre-Configured Structured Cabling Panels




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