1U Sliding Fiber Patch Panel

Product Description

The FRM1U is an innovative, robust, 1U sliding fiber optic patch panel with a smoked plexi glass hinged front door, has been designed to accept up to 3 LGX style assemblies. The FRM1U features a multi functional chassis that allows easy access during installation or rework with no disturbance of the existing cable or fibers.

  • Accepts up to 3 LGX components in 1U of rackspace
  • 19” and 23” Rack mountable
  • Sliding tray for ease of installation
  • Integrated spring loaded tray stop
  • Splicing accessories included:  1 x fiber storage spool and 1 x 12 fiber splice tray
  • Side Patch cord exit
  • Hinged front plexi glass doors
  • Removable top cover
  • Black powder coated steel construction
  • 17" W x 14.01" D x 1.75" H

Spec Sheet

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FRM1U each: $145.00